Services (Slides)

Slide Circulation

CatalogWe continue to circulate slides to faculty members, visiting lecturers and graduate or seminar students upon request. Others may utilize the Collection with permission from instructors and the Curator.

A brief orientation is required of all users and classes before their first use of the VRC. Patrons are assigned a colored chip during orientation, shown how the slides are arranged and how to check slides in and out. To pull a slide, the borrower places a chip in the exact position where the slide was removed from the drawer, behind its front card. Checked out slides must remain in the VRC; they will be held on reserve in a designated location and can be picked up just prior to classroom use.

Slides must be returned to the Visual Resources Collection immediately after class. If the class is scheduled to end after the VRC is closed, make arrangements for the slides to be returned as soon as possible the following day. The return of equipment or materials used after 5:00 p.m. becomes the responsibility of the faculty member. Slides should not be left in a classroom.

Slide Carousels, Laser Pointers, Light Tables

The VRC lends 80-slot Kodak Universal slide carousels to faculty, lecturers, and teaching assistants for the duration of the quarter. Laser pointers may also be checked out for class time only. Light tables are available in the VRC for viewing slides. An area on one of the shelves in the VRC is assigned to each patron and is used to store carousels and slides.

Lost or Damaged Slides

Borrowers will be charged a minimum of $10.00 for each lost or damaged slides.

Slide Production and Duplication

The VRC no longer offers this service

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