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UC Berkeley: Architecture Visual Resources Library

The Architecture Visual Resources Library collection began in 1905 when John Galen Howard taught his first architectural history course with lantern slide #1. Currently AVRL contains over 250,000 35mm slides, 20,000 mounted photographs, 35,000 lantern slides in off-site storage, and 80,000 digital images in SPIRO. Collection emphasis is on architecture, landscape architecture, the built environment, history of design, and allied arts. SPIRO, a visual online public access catalog, or digital image database, is available to the public, and represents about 30% of the 35mm slide collection.

Jason Miller, Curator
Stephen Brooks, Principal Photographer

UC Berkeley: The Art History Visual Resources Collection

The History of Art Visual Resource Collection contains approximately 400,000 slides and photographs of works of world art and architecture from nearly all periods and cultures. Work is in progress to electronically catalog and digitize some of these holdings. More than 26,000 of these images will be available in the Fall of 2008 as part of the UCB Visual Resources Collection in ARTstor.

Jan Eklund, Visual Resources Curator
Lynn Cunningham, Associate Curator for Western Art
Mara Crovello, Associate Curator for Western Art
Samantha Zhu, Associate Curator for Asian Art
Julie Wolf , Principal Photographer

UC Davis

The Visual Resources Library was established in 1959 by the Art and Art History Department to support instruction and research. Its collection of over 200,000 slides and digital images documents the artistic production of numerous cultures and time periods.

Leah Theis, Visual Resources Librarian
Lisa Zdybel, Assistant Librarian.

UC Irvine

The Visual Resources Collection is a comprehensive collection of world art and architecture (from the pre-historic to present) and a growing resource built by faculty, students, & staff reflecting UCI's research and teaching interests. VRC services include: finding and preserving images, building shared image collections, using image technology, consulting on image, metadata, technical, and copyright issues, one-on-one training and group orientations. In addition to the image collection, films, reference works, computers, and scanners are made available in a drop-in lab.

Loy Zimmerman, Arts Curator

UC Los Angeles

The Visual Resources Collection functions to serve the teaching and research needs of the Art History faculty and graduate students and to aid, whenever possible, faculty from other departments at UCLA. It consists of roughly 320,000 slides.

David Ziegler, Curator
Susan Rosenfeld, Assistant Curator

UC Merced

Image services and resources at UC Merced, the newest UC campus, are being provided through the library at present.

Emily Lin, Head, Digital Assets
UC Merced Library

UC Riverside

The Visual Resources Collection contains over 155,000 slides and 20,000 digital images in architecture, painting, sculpture, photography, manuscripts, applied arts, and more. Our slides represent a time span ranging from the earliest creative expressions to the present, and include sites from around the world, famous (and infamous) works of art, as well as maps and reference slides.

Madelyn Millen, Curator
Jennifer Patton, Associate Curator
Teddie Bozhilova, Digital Image Specialist

UC Santa Barbara

The Visual Resources Collection contains over 29,000 digital images available through MDID, as well as roughly 380,000 35mm slides. The collection covers all forms and time periods of art and architecture. It is part of the Department of History of Art and Architecture but serves as a campus-wide resource.

Jackie Spafford, Curator
Christine Fritsch-Hammes, Assistant Curator

UC Santa Cruz

The Visual Resource Collection, a unit within the University Library's Special Collections and Archives section, serves the entire campus community. Visual resource material includes over 330,000 slides from all disciplines, time periods and most cultural groups. SlideCat, the Visual Resource Collection's catalog database, provides Internet access to the Collection's content.

Kathleen Hardin, Visual Resources Unit Head
Angelika Frebert, Public Services Coordinator
Scott Campbell, Image ERes Coordinator
Belinda Egan, Cataloger.

UC San Diego

The Art & Architecture Library Visual Resources Collection has over 270,000 slides, digital images and CD ROMs supporting classroom instruction and reserves. Along with traditional fine art images, such as painting, sculpture and architecture, the slide collection also has representations from many other mediums, including film and video stills, garden reference and theater.

Vickie O'Riordan, Visual Resources Curator.
Steve Ilott, Cataloger
Greg Reser, Cataloger
Lauren Wilson, Cataloger


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