More than a digital image collection, the Art History Visual Resource Collection supports Image Management & Access, Image Licensing for Publication, Copyright Education, and Digital Art History.

The Visual Resource Collection (VRC) is a unique resource situated within the Department of the History of Art. The VRC manages a growing online image collection and several analog special collections. Areas covered reflect the scholarship and pedagogical needs of the faculty and include Western architecture, sculpture, painting, photography, and illuminated manuscripts, as well as Latin American art and archaeology, Asian art concentrating on East Asian painting, and Islamic Art.

The VRC is an open-door resource for research, teaching, and learning. We support Art History faculty and students by providing a wide array of visual resource related services and by offering guidance on image and media related questions, and digital art history tools. The VRC also provides skills building training and experiences through a variety of fellowship, internship, and volunteer opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students of art history.


The Visual Resource Collection manages a variety of collections that support art history scholarship and pedagogy. Our holdings include a large digital image collection, an array of special collections, and a growing online image collection. Learn More →


The VRC is an open-door resource that offers a wide range of services that support art historical research and pedagogy. Whether you are preparing to teach, or writing your thesis, the VRC supports students and faculty alike with image research, image capture, copyright analysis, image licensing, and digital art history tools. Learn More


The VRC hosts a number of opportunities for students of Art History to build pre-professional skills in fields related to image management. The VRC regularly offers credit-bearing undergraduate internships, a funded graduate fellowship, as well as flexible volunteer opportunities Learn More