The IMAGECLOUD Online Collection provides students and scholars access to superior quality visual materials that include embedded descriptive metadata and rights information.

The VRC’s ImageCloud Online Collection is an image resource that supports teaching and research in the field of art history and a variety of related disciplines. The collection is open to members of the Department of the History of Art, including both undergraduate and graduate students of Art History. Members of UCR’s campus community are welcome to request access.

The ImageCloud Online Collection includes over 28,000 images of works of art and architecture that reflect the scholarship and pedagogy of the Department of the History of Art. Areas of emphasis include Western architecture, sculpture, painting, photography, and illuminated manuscripts, as well as Latin American art and archaeology, Asian art concentrating on East Asian painting, and Islamic Art.  New images are added daily.

The majority of images contained in the online collection represent objects not owned by the University of California and are the intellectual property of others. To facilitate understanding of the copyright status of the images online and to promote responsible use of our online content, the VRC has adopted a standardized suite of statements that accompany the display of each image.

Rights Statements are displayed with alongside each image and communicate to the user what we know about the status of a given image. Creative Commons License information is displayed, where applicable, to communicate what we know about how a third-party has licensed a particular image. In order to make best use of this information, it is imperative that users understand that the information provided relates to the image rights associated with the digital surrogate of the object, and does not reflect information relevant to the copyright status of the object itself.

All images contained in ImageCloud Online Collection are subject to the copyright laws of the United States. Images in the collection are provided to support research, teaching and study and may be used for educational purposes only. The VRC makes no guarantee of copyright, nor does the VRC guarantee that the use of materials made available through ImageCloud will not infringe the rights of copyright holders or other third parties not affiliated with the University of California.  It is the sole responsibility of the user to secure all rights and permissions prior to the use of any image outside of personal research, teaching and study. The VRC is unable to grant permission to reproduce any of the material contained in the collection. Users of the ImageCloud Online Collection assume all risk and responsibility for their actions.

Use of the ImageCloud Online Collection constitutes an agreement to the above terms.

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