VRC’s digital collection reflects the scholarship and pedagogical needs of the faculty focusing on Western architecture, sculpture, painting, photography, and illuminated manuscripts, as well as Latin American art and archaeology, Asian art concentrating on East Asian painting, and Islamic Art.

Digital Collections

The Madelyn Millen Legacy Digital Collection
The Millen Legacy Digital Collection represents image assets amassed by the VRC prior to 2015 and produced under the direction of the former curator, Madelyn Millen. The majority of these images were culled from the original VRC Slide Collection that was deaccessioned in 2014. The Legacy Digital Image Collection also includes a large number of art historical images that were digitally captured by VRC staff.

Work is ongoing to evaluate these resources and, where appropriate, migrate digital assets to the ImageCloud Online Collection.

Catalogue information for the Legacy Digital Image Collection is searchable from within the VRC. For assistance contact: visualresources@ucr.edu

The Core Teaching Collection
The Core Teaching Collection represents digital assets compiled by the VRC since January 2015. The majority of the Core Teaching Collections aligns with current course offerings in the Department of the History of Art. Assets in this collection are searchable through the VRC’s ImageCloud Online Collection.

Images in the Core Teaching Collection include embedded metadata structured following VRA Core 4.0 standards. Images in this collection also include information regarding the status of  intellectual property rights associated with the image.

ImageCloud Online Collection
The ImageCloud Online Collection is a unique department resource that offers users access to the VRC’s image collections. The ImageCloud Online Collection combines the Core Teaching Collection with elements of the Legacy Collection, bringing the two collections together in one searchable place. Users may browse the collection, perform simple and advanced searches, and download images.

Access to ImageCloud is limited to authorized members of the campus community. If you would like to request access, contact visualresources@ucr.edu.